“Chaser” Jockey Club: Chase Your Dreams

Chaser is a 4 year old, 16.1H, Chestnut, OTTB Gelding. This guy is as amateur friendly as they come! First ride post track he was calm, laid back and went around nicely on the buckle. We felt so comfortable with him that we popped him over several jumps including an oxer on his very first ride. My friend stopped and said “wow, I just feel SAFE and comfortable on him!”. He is the type of horse that you can easily pop on and just have fun messing around trying new things. He’s the same horse whether he’s ridden 1 day or 6 days a week. He would be a great horse for someone’s first restart or any amateur/young rider wanting to go out pack around and have fun. He is as genuine as they come and very forgiving of rider mistakes. Hell never tell you no and will accept any distance given to a fence. He is a complete kick ride and has no motivation to be naughty. Trust me when I say pictures do not do him justice and he is one that is worth his weight in gold! He is 2020 RRP eligible and would be great for someone wanting a “no drama” type horse. He has no vices, or limitations. Chaser is listed for $4500 and located near Cleveland, Ohio.

“JACK” Jockey Club: He’s Out of Queens

Jack is a 4 year old, 15.2H, OTTB gelding. After 13 starts and next to no winnings he was retired sound with no injuries in August 2018. He was fully let down and restarted walk/trot/canter and over fences. He has been jumped over a 3’ oxer both under saddle and free jumping. He has plenty of scope for higher levels. He demonstrates a very impressive trot over poles that makes everyone stop and take notice. Over fences he is quick with his feet and great with his hind end which is sure to never catch a rail! Even though he’s under 16H he is a perfect “sports car” and a power house of a horse that is truly an athlete. He is a forward thinking horse with quick feet and would do best with an experienced confident rider who can help him develop his half halt. He has no previous injuries, no limitations, no vices, barefoot all around, and can go out alone or in a group. He has a goof ball personality that is always curious about what is going on around him, loves the attention and can always make you laugh! He is listed for $4000 and
located near Cleveland, Ohio.

“THOR” Jockey Club: Damage Control

Thor is a 7 year, 16.3H, OTTB Gelding. He is a complete gentle giant with a super sweet personality. He is very curious of everything and will happily sleep in your arms all day. He decided he’s tired of racing and going anywhere too fast, he’s thinking he’d like to pack around cross courses and maybe try some hunter classes, but he can really go in any direction! He has
been ridden by a 13 year old rider bareback and happily hacked around on the buckle with a “yes ma’am” attitude. He’s more of a kick ride but it doesn’t take any persuading to get him to go. He would be suitable for an amateur/young rider or first restart with help of a trainer. He has no vices, previous injuries or limitations. He’s located near Cleveland, Ohio and listed for $5500.

Past Sale Horses


Belvedere sold to Briana C and Mandy F of Ohio for a competitive career in dressage and eventing.


Tanqueray sold to Alicia C. Of Ohio as an upper level prospect in 3-day eventing


Vendetta sold to Ellie w. of Ohio. He will show Ellie the ropes of low level eventing and help take her through her pony club qualifications.


Jamison sold to Ann B. of Ohio Who will be competing him in low level eventing.


Bacardi was sold to Sarah W. who does a mixture of western pleasure/games and trail riding with him.


Bubba was sold to Victoria L. who competes him in the hunter/jumper circuit.


Soco was sold to Maddie D. who competes him in 3-day eventing and is very active in Pony Club. Maddie and Soco competed in the Pony Club Championships in 2017.


Chance was sold to Ashley U. who competes him in 3- Day eventing. Ashley and Chance just made their USEA recognized Novice debut and are currently schooling training level elements together.