Available Sale Horses

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Athlone is a 4 year old 16.3+h , Tb gelding. He is by far one of the nicest horses that I have gotten from the track. He has an incredible suspending trot and balanced and adjustable canter. He moves nicely off your leg and respects the riders half halts. Hes a forward ride but not crazy or sensitive, just respectful of the riders aids. He’s still green under saddle but shows true upper level potential. He is a level headed,sure footed, horse and has an in your pocket type personality. We have free jumped him 3’6” and he barely stepped over it, he has a ton of scope for high fences. He has no soundness issues or vices


Johnny is a 3 year old 16.2 ottb gelding. He just turned 3 in April and has a ton more growing left to do. Johnny is super affectionate and always tries to please. He is a no-drama type of horse and will happily chill on the cross ties all day. Under saddle he is the perfect balance of “whoa and go” and naturally rounds though his neck and back. He picks up both leads at the canter without issue  and has a balanced rocking horse gate. He will catch on to any discipline quickly as he doesn’t need to be shown twice how to do something. He can go out with any horse in the pasture and is a very easy keeper. Johnny clips, bathed, stands well for farrier, loads/unloads in the trailer, can go out alone or in a group to pasture etc. He is a very mild cribber that is controlled with a loose strap


Jack is a 3 year old 15.3 ottb gelding.  He is great under saddle and tries so hard to please. He’s the perfect balance of whoa and go. He’s sure footed under saddle and he’s a lovely flowy trot. He is so easy and sweet on the ground, he walks in and out to pasture on a loose lead and waits patiently while you work around him. He’s one of the easiest horses in the barn to work around and is going to make someone a great prospect. When he trots around in the pasture he shows off a drool worthy movement, he can go out with any horse and just likes to hang out and eat grass instead of getting into trouble.


Past Sale Horses


Belvedere sold to Briana C and Mandy F of Ohio for a competitive career in dressage and eventing.


Tanqueray sold to Alicia C. Of Ohio as an upper level prospect in 3-day eventing


Vendetta sold to Ellie w. of Ohio. He will show Ellie the ropes of low level eventing and help take her through her pony club qualifications.


Jamison sold to Ann B. of Ohio Who will be competing him in low level eventing.


Bacardi was sold to Sarah W. who does a mixture of western pleasure/games and trail riding with him.


Bubba was sold to Victoria L. who competes him in the hunter/jumper circuit.


Soco was sold to Maddie D. who competes him in 3-day eventing and is very active in Pony Club. Maddie and Soco competed in the Pony Club Championships in 2017.


Chance was sold to Ashley U. who competes him in 3- Day eventing. Ashley and Chance just made their USEA recognized Novice debut and are currently schooling training level elements together.